The Impact of Resource Sharing on Performance and Performance Prediction


Time and Place

The kick-off meeting will take place on Friday, April 20th at 2pm in room 328 in building E1 3!


We will meet at 2pm on the following dates:


Multi-processor and multi-core architectures use a combination of private and shared resources, to achieve high average-case performance at low implementation cost.

Resource sharing leads to resource contention, several threads/tasks compete for the resource. Resource contention degrades performance. It also makes performance prediction difficult.

In this doctoral privatissimum, we will study the existing literature about the effects of resource sharing on performance and will attempt to understand its impact on performance predictability. The focus is on the timing predictability of architectures as it is needed for static timing analysis of real-time systems.

As part of the privatissimum, we have written a survey on the impact of resource sharing on performance and performance prediction, including a discussion of open problems. This survey will appear in CONCUR 2013.


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  18. Stefan G. Berg: Cache Prefetching
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