chi is a tool to infer parameters of the memory hierarchy by performing a set of measurements on the actual hardware.

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CacheAudit is a versatile framework for the automatic, static analysis of cache side channels. CacheAudit takes as input a program binary and a cache configuration, and it derives formal, quantitative security guarantees for a comprehensive set of side-channel adversaries, namely those based on observing cache states, traces of hits and misses, and execution times.

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MeMin is a tool for minimizing incompletely specified Mealy machines.

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The PTARM is our prototype of a precision-timed (PRET) machine.

Please check out our C++ simulator here.


Relacs is a tool for automatic relative competitive and sensitivity analysis of cache architectures.

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Sprattus is a framework for static and dynamic program analysis of of low-level C and C++ programs on LLVM IR.

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